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Outdoor Play Kitchen by Classic World

Lifespan Kids

The Outdoor Play Kitchen by Classic World brings role play to life combining hands on play and creativity!

Children can discover, tinker and experiment as they cook up a storm with the stylish assortment of metal kitchen utensils and the sound-making roller. They have a choice of baking in the oven, frying on the stove, and rolling out their dough. A sink for washing food in; a chalkboard to write out the ingredients; handy wooden shelves and a storage box makes this a kitchen that really has it all.

Made from Finland wood, the Outdoor Play Kitchen is here to last a lifetime of fun and laughter.


  • Shelves to store all woodland finds
  • Stove tops with stove switches
  • Oven
  • Chalkboard to write out the ingredients
  • Sound-making roller for rolling out dough
  • Storage box
  • Stylish assortment of metal kitchen utensils with hangers to hang them up
  • Wooden hobs to cook your signature dish on
  • Steel bowl sink



Assembled size: L1.00m x W0.48m x H1.36m

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